Platform Perspectives

Addressing Key Issues in Our Community.

On Community Planning

On Community Planning

  • Continuing to approve smart growth and development that benefits the community, and making sure that maximum fees and benefits are received through development applications
  • Exploring innovative approaches for the Fire Hall and Works Yards sites as it relates to housing and amenities. This could include the establishment of a community land trust, implementation of rental-only zoning, and/or a lease relationship for non-profit housing
  • Supporting small lot subdivision and laneway housing to encourage in-fill development in traditional single-family neighborhoods
On Traffic and Transportation

On Traffic and Transportation

  • Implementing the City's long-term Transport Moody strategic plan
  • Fast-tracking initiatives and actions supporting pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and drivers where critical issues exist, for example at the intersection of Moody and Murray, at the bottom of the roundabout
  • Looking for regional solutions to our local traffic congestion, we know most our commuter traffic is from outside Port Moody
On Environment and Parks

On Environment and Parks

  • Continuing to increase the amount  of park space throughout the City, in all neighbourhoods
  • Enhancing existing neighbourhood park space to maximize benefit for local residents
  • Strengthen the City's approach to climate change and climate action throught the City's new committee
  • Implementing the City's recently approved Parks and Recreation Master Plan
  • Fast-tracking initiatives and actions which could be undertaken in fall and winter, including the planned restoration of the Shoreline Trail
On Economic Development

On Economic Development

  • Supporting the new Economic Development Manager in establishing the City as an exciting place to start, grow or maintain a local business and establish local jobs
  • Championing the creation of a community economic development strategy that focuses both on retention of existing business and attraction of new ones
  • Advocating for Port Moody as an ideal location for a post-secondary education facility or annex
On Affordable Housing

On Affordable Housing

  • Developing and implementing policies that support construction of new affordable housing units and retention of existing affordable units
  • Mandating that all new multi-dwelling developments include a formula for percentage of larger size units to accommodate families
  • Making the development of seniors housing a priority, looking for opportunities with local health authorities and senior governments to create a diversity of housing for varying senior needs
  • Partnering with the federal and provincial governments to create new non-profit and co-operative housing in our community
On Community, Sports, Arts & Culture

On Community, Sports, Arts & Cultures

  • Supporting the implementation of the long-term Tourism Strategic Plan that has been created by the City's Tourism Committee
  • Promoting and strengthening the numerous arts and culture festivals and community events hosted here
  • Identifying funding for the completed development of a new Inlet Field sports facility