Residents Like What Diana Has to Offer

Over the years, Diana has become known as a thoughtful City Councillor, one who does her homework, thinks before she speaks, and no matter what, continues to put the best-interests of the community first in her heart, and in her decision-making.

Ann Hulbert, former City Councillor and recipient of Freedom of the City

Diana and Ann at Golden Spike Days

Ann Hulbert, former City Councillor and recipient of Freedom of the City

“ I met Diana about twenty years ago when she was working for the City of Port Moody and then had the opportunity to work with her when we were both on City Council together. Her commitment to the City is admirable, as is the many hours she spends working on behalf of the community – reading and researching for council meetings, taking leadership on committees which results in tangible actions and attending and volunteering for the many city events and festivals that take place in our community.

She always has the best interest of our community at heart, and shows up to meetings having listened to residents, done her homework on the issues, and uses best judgement and historical knowledge to make the best decision. She is also a leader that brings forward many ideas and initiatives that help contribute to Port Moody being a better community.

Diana is truly a champion for the city of Port Moody!”

Ann Hulbert, Port Moody

David & Carolyn Bassett

David & Carolyn Bassett

"Carolyn and I first meet Diana when our children started to swim with the Port Moody Aquarians. Diana was one of the key volunteers for the Port Moody Aquarians at all of the swim meets that the club hosted. For a number of years she was the "Clerk of the Course". That meant that she had to make sure the hundreds of swimmers were all organized to show up from their designated swimming event on time. Swimmers were between 8 and 18 years old. Diana was always well organized, lots of energy and lots of patience.

Later when I was a director with the Port Moody Art Centre, it was wonderful to have Councilor Dilworth as one of the strongest supporters of the Art Centre both at City Hall and with her personal support. Diana has been an ideal Councilor with her support of the Arts, and Sports while working to ensure the best value for the tax payers of Port Moody. Most politicians are lots of talk with little or no action. Diana has always supported local organizations and been a women of action and results!

Port Moody needs to re-elect Diana and find more people like her."

David Bassett, Port Moody

Pat Dennett, Recipient of Port Moody’s Exemplary Civic Service Award

Diana presenting Pat Dennett with the the City’s Exemplary Civic Service Award for his dedication in the rebuilding of the Mossom Creek Hatchery Building.

Pat Dennett, Recipient of Port Moody’s Exemplary Civic Service Award

"The City of Port Moody is entering into a critical time in its growth and we, the residents, need to see that a strong Council is elected this fall who are dedicated and willing to direct this growth and development in a smart manner. Diana has truly represented the residents of Port Moody in her long service on Council and has demonstrated the qualities of someone who can guide us through some difficult times. Diana is visible at numerous events throughout the year and listens to the issues of the day and is not afraid to take any issue forwarded to Council.

In my opinion, Diana Dilworth is not a fence sitter and will let you know her opinion on any topic. This is a refreshing quality and puts her at the forefront on Council. In recent years I have been involved in giving back to the community of Port Moody and when the need arises for assistance, Diana has always been there to assist where possible. It therefore gives me great pleasure as a resident of Port Moody to endorse Diana Dilworth in the upcoming election."

Pat Dennett, Port Moody