By Diana Dilworth on July 9, 2018

Admittedly it does seem earlier than usual to be starting a campaign in the first few weeks of July. But I think that there are a couple of factors driving this new reality.

Firstly, due to changes made by the provincial government, municipal campaigns are now being held on the third Saturday of October, a full month earlier than the traditional third Saturday of November. Meaning a month less in the fall to be out knocking on doors, attending events and engaging with residents.

Secondly, with a by-election less than a year behind us, some candidates have kept their personal momentum up, encouraging others to jump in earlier than they may have in the past. Additionally, with candidates confirming their campaigns at this time, it appears that the electioneering is on!

So, with that having been said, here I am announcing that I am indeed running for a sixth term on Port Moody City Council. Full disclosure: although I was first elected in 1999, nineteen years ago, I have only served for sixteen years. I did take a full term off when my children were teenagers and they needed, although they didn’t want, me to be at home with them more that I was at City Hall.

My blog will be used to share my thoughts on the issues that are important to our community and relevant to you…responsible growth moving ahead that provides homes for people and needed amenities for our community; managing traffic in a strategic approach focused on moving pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic more effectively and efficiently throughout our City; creating and enhancing park space in all of our neighbourhoods, to name just a few.

I love my role as a City Councillor and working for the community and hope that you, the residents, can see my commitment and the work that I have done, and trust that I can continue making smart, responsible, and carefully-considered decisions on your behalf.

Thank you for taking the time to take a look at my website and blog!

~ Diana