I care about Port Moody.

I am running for Council because I care about Port Moody.

Trusted Champion for Community Organizations

My entire life in Port Moody has revolved around raising my family and giving back to the community, contributing to the social, recreational, and cultural well-being of our City.

While the kids were younger it was being involved with the Aquarians Swim Club, the District Parent Advisory Council and the Girl Guides and Boy Scouts. Once they were a bit older, I had the time to dedicate to the Crossroads Hospice, Terry Fox Run, SHARE Food Bank.

And with two other community leaders, we created our own non-profit – the Three Divas – which has raised over tens of thousands of dollars to share with non-profit organizations in the Tri-Cities.

Trusted Champion for Good Governance

Knowing that transparency and accountability of tax dollars a priority for our residents, Diana brought forward a motion in 2015 to enact legislation to ensure that all Council remuneration and expenses are posted to the City website on an annual basis and that detailed travel and expense claims are reported on a quarterly basis.

Working with other elected officials, Diana was an original author of the “Guidelines and Orientation Handbook for Elected Officials,” a primer for candidates and newly elected councillors in the City of Port Moody.

Trusted Champion for the Business Community

Diana’s support for the local business community has been a primary focus during her tenure on Council. She has been a driving force of the City’s Economic Development Committee and its initiatives, having served as Chair for many years.

Recognizing that a strong city economy is based on not just attracting new businesses but recognizing and retaining the ones we have, Diana established the annual Spike Awards, developed to identify and honour business excellence in our community.

Additionally she advocated for the establishment of the Port Moody Farmer’s Market, contributed to the City’s award winning Economic Profiles, led regional efforts to streamline the business licensing process and spear-headed the development of the City’s long-term Tourism Strategic Plan.

Trusted Champion for Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is one of the top priorities of the City, as is social, economic and cultural sustainability. These four pillars were first identified in the City’s 2008 Community Sustainability Plan, created by Diana and a small work group including other members of Council and staff.

As one example of Diana’s leadership on the environment, she led the efforts that resulted in the City of Port Moody taking action to ban cosmetic pesticides, at the time, being the first to do so in Western Canada. Additionally, as a pre-cursor to the City’s curbside organic pick-up, Diana advocated for the development of a worm-composting project to provide composting for those living in apartments and townhouses.

Your Trusted Champion for Port Moody

Every election, I say it’s an exciting time for Port Moody, and it really is! Over the years that I have lived here, I have seen significant and smart growth, expansion to our parks and improvements to transportation infrastructure. Can we continue to build on that? Absolutely. I am asking for your support and trust in continuing to provide leadership that contributes to the community we all love.


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