The Issues

The Issues...


When I first moved to Port Moody in 1991, there were no towers and 65% of our residents lived in single family homes. Today, the population has doubled and 65% of our residents live in townhomes, condominiums and duplexes. This significant change in demographics provides new challenges for the City.

·         I will continue to advocate, and look for new ways, for engaging with and providing service to our residents who live in multi-family residences.  

After years of advocating for a long-term vision for the City, I was proud to support the adoption of a new Official Community Plan in October 2014.  Council could have taken the easy way out and came up with a 5-year plan but instead, after years of consultation, had the courage to come forward with a 30-year visionary plan to guide long-term decision-making around residential and commercial development.

·         I will work with the community, City Staff and Council on a proactive, responsible and sustainable approach to the implementation of the Official Community Plan

·         I will ensure that every development application will continue to follow due process including community consultation, review by Land Use Committee, public hearings as appropriate and with full feedback from residents.

With the completion of the Evergreen Line in 2016, there are opportunities to focus development in areas around the two stations in Port Moody.

·         I will continue to support the concept of transit-oriented development and concentration of density around the two Skytrain stations. This includes a strong mix of residential, commercial/retail and office opportunities.


We’ve waited decades for the construction of the Evergreen Line and now that the line will be operating in the near future, it will continue to be the most important issue that will shape our community for years to come.  We will now be faced with addressing the resulting transportation/traffic/parking issues that need to be addressed proactively.

·         I will advocate for the updating of the City’s 2005 Master Transportation Plan.

·         I will continue to support the efforts of Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam to work together on transportation issues, working collaboratively to identify challenges and potential regional solutions.



There is evident success for businesses in Heritage Plaza, Newport Village, Suter Brook and Klahanie. There is a need to revitalize the Moody Centre area to ensure the success of the businesses there. This can be accommodated in part by well thought-out, mixed-use development along St. Johns, Clarke, and Spring Streets .

·         I will continue to advocate for small business in Port Moody and support local business area associations and organizations.

·         I will look to replicate the success of our existing mixed-use developments in other neighborhoods including Moody Centre and Westport.

The City is branded as “The City of the Arts” which has helped to focus tourism and economic development initiatives. But the City needs collaborative support from businesses and residents to plan for new initiatives to market Port Moody and what we have to offer.

·         I will continue to support collaborative community economic development initiatives, such as the regular dialogue roundtables for business owners that the City has been hosting.

·         I will champion the need for a comprehensive tourism-focused approach to business development. A report will be coming to Council in late 2014 that recommends the implementation of a strategic tourism plan that will provide a blueprint for engagement of small businesses and artists in a thriving tourism market


Balancing the needs of a growing community and keeping taxes to a minimum is an ongoing challenge for Council. Tough decisions have been made in the last few years and will continue to be needed.

·         I will continue to support Council efforts to look at ways to increase revenues, and reduce expenses, without having to raise taxes.


During the last term of Council there was only one capital project on the books – and the new Fire Hall #1 was built on time and on budget. There continues to be a defined need for an expanded Library, expansion of Inlet Field and relocation of the Public Works Yard. In addition the City can no longer ignore the demand for new and/or upgraded facilities for our growing demographic of seniors.

·         I will champion the need for new and/or upgraded facilities for our seniors including accessible facilities and relevant programming.

·         I will support a common-sense approach to planning and paying for upgrades to current civic facilities, particularly the Library and Inlet Field.


During my previous three terms on Council, I have heard from residents about the high value that they place on our Police and Fire Services departments. I have continued to support increases, in staffing and budget, to ensure that the City continues to maintain the high level of service and security that our residents have indicated is a priority.

·         I will continue to support maintaining a high level of service and security by our Police Service and Fire and Rescue Service departments.


“The City of the Arts” has come a long way in establishing itself as an arts and culture centre that hosts and promotes a wide variety of festivals and events. I support efforts that provide entertainment, recreational and community building opportunities.

I was proud to co-chair the City’s 100th birthday events in 2013, particularly the Community Parade.  

·         I will work with the City and local community organizations towards the continuation of legacy events resulting from the centennial celebration, including the Community Parade and the Community Picnic. 


After the provision of garbage service to our residents was recreated as a City-provided service, we were able to work on a number of initiatives that has resulted in the City having one of the highest levels of diversion within the province. .

As vice-chair of the task force facilitating the review process for a waste-to-energy plant by Plasco Energy on the Barnet Highway in 2008, I spent two and a half months listening to public input and learning about the proposed technology and potential impacts. I supported the task force recommendations rejecting the idea of such a facility in our community. I continue to reject incineration as the solution to managing solid waste.

·         I will continue to champion and support investigation of new initiatives that help our residents continue to achieve the highest level of diversion from landfill.


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