A Personal Message...
Port Moody has been home to my family for almost 25 years. I am blessed to be able to live, work, shop and play in our community!
Having served 12 years on City Council, I am more passionate than ever about preserving what we all love about Port Moody. I've heard a number of people try to articulate what "small town charm" means to them. To me, it isn't about the size of our community, but about the spirit we have created. The joy of walking to one of our local parks with family and friends, pride in shopping at local businesses where we know the owners, volunteering with community organizations, enjoying an impromptu neighborhood block party, and just knowing in our hearts that we live somewhere very special...that's small town charm. And I'm committed to preserving that and building upon it.
The role of your elected officials is to listen to the community, work hard to understand the issues and ensure that decisions are made in the best interests of our residents and the community. This needs to be balanced with addressing continued change through responsible management and planning that respects our unique environmental, historical, and arts/cultural characteristics. And respects what our taxpayers can afford.
I believe that I have met those expectations over the past twelve years that I have served on Council.
I would be honoured if you would support me for a fifth-term serving as your City Councillor.
~ Diana
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